Timeless Creations


I would like to dedicate my web pages to some very important people in my life, without whom I wouldn't be able to create or even breathe.

My Parents,
Up until April 2008 I was blessed with still having both my parents. Dear Dad and Mum, thank you for all your time and support. You have always been an inspiration and the best roll models a child could ever have. As an adult you continue to help and guide me onto better things and I will be forever grateful. Then suddenly and with no warning whatsoever we lost Mum. We miss her every day and I strive to grow in all I do and try to do all that would make her proud. Dad, thank you for bearing all this with me, you are and have always been - wonderful.

My Daughters,
How lucky can one person be? I have three beautiful, intelligent daughters. Each different, each special and each totally inspiring. You have kept me through all the darkest moments and the joy of knowing each of you is perfect. You are my breath. You are my heart.

In 2010 a special event happened and now there is a wonderful new little girl in the family and I have my first grandchild. There truly are miracles when we see the joy of a little child.

My Friends,
Thank you for your time and your patience. Thank you for standing by me through thick and thin. I will always be here for you as you have allowed me to lean on you.

Mistress Shirin al Hasana (Leanne Foulger) - in the SCA and in Life you are a dear and most beloved friend. Thank you. You have also given me access to the world and I thank you for these most beautiful web pages.

My greatest desire in life is to be artistic and create. It's wonderful to have been gifted with some talents but without my family and friends I would be empty of the joys that life shares and the grace of being loved. I couldn't be creative without all of you.

Janis M. James and Sine Gunnsdottir 2012